These past couple of weeks I have been soldifying my understanding of what our goals for the Robotic Paper Boat project are. The overall goal for me is to create a GUI suitable for 5 year olds to design paper boats. But the main obstacle that can make or break this GUI is the widget that is implemented on the new GUI. As of today, when RoCo is run, there is a numerical value input widget that allows the user to change the parameters of the boats in the initial library.

Figure 1 Figure 2
BoatBase RoCo Design Canoe RoCo Design
Figure 1: BoatBase RoCo Design Figure 2: Canoe RoCo Design

This week I intend to complete my experiment, which will give me information on widgets as well as 5 year olds capabilites. Based on the initial meeting, I can restructure the questions and parts of the meeting or run it again to get more results.

In terms of the actual paper boat prototype being worked on, I have having problems with the esp32. Everytime I run the code in the Ardunio IDE the same error is printed. After I have run my experiment, I intend to spend more time fixing this issue.

Everything I have been working on is consistently pushed to my GitLab repository.

Research Document on GitLab

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