The 8-week summer program has ended, but that does not mean that this project ended. For whoever decides to pick up this project in the future I would like to leave some tips to help you get started.

The Github contains various folders:

  • DXF_Files

    • Contains a collection of .dxf files which are ready for manufacture in the laser cutter or CAMEOs
  • Figures+Models+Images

    • A collection of 3D models and images which depict: various curved surfaces, unit cells, unit cell arrangements, and auxetics in action.
  • Repositories

    • This folder contains numerous repositories created by other researchers who work in the field of auxetics. I highly recommend checking out their work and their software which they are developing.
    • This folder also contains a pdf file which gives a brief overview of the different repositories which were explored during the 8-week program.
  • Research papers

    • Lastly, this folder contains a few research papers, which were read as well as some notes on the main takeaways from each research paper.

In addition to these folders there is a Getting-Started document which outlines good practices when reading research papers and how to make best use of the repository.

Overall I also recommend talking a look at my previous blog posts as well as Delsin Carbonell's work and Andrea Guerrero's work as they also have experience working on auxetics structure during their time at LEMUR. Feel free to reach out to me via my Linkedin if you have any questions.


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