To calculate the volume of helium required for neutral buoyancy based on the mass of components and blimp.


  1. Temperature is constant.
  2. The gas is purely helium
  3. The density of surrounding air is constant
  4. Atmospheric pressure is constant


Using the equation -

Buoyant Force = Densityair X Volumeair displaced X g

For the blimp to float -

Buoyant Force = Weight of Blimp

Therefore -

DensityAir X Volumeair displaced X g = (MassBlimp + VolumeBlimp X Density helium) X g


MassBlimp = MassComponents + MassMylar


Volume_air displaced = VolumeBlimp

On simplification, we get -

Volume = MassBlimp / (DensityAir - DensityHelium)


MassBlimp = MassComponents + MassMylar

I hope the equation can help the team members to determine the approximate dimensions of the blimp.

Air Swimmers Blimp

For the past few weeks, I have been playing around with the air swimmers blimp to gather some intuition.

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