A FORAY into Lighter Than Air Vehicles

How can we create blimps that can outstrip competition in agility and speed?

This was the initial question our team was posed with when embarking on this project. To solve it, we began with a "project proposal" outlining what we thought was the best method to work through this challenge. Our first tasks were pretty standard: reading research papers, determining how the papers would apply to our specific issue, and allocating work to different team members.

We quickly realized that the existing work in terms of modeling and simulating Lighter-Than-Air-Vehicles is pretty limited, so we decided to create our own blimp so that we can model the blimp's flight and understand it's reactions to our different inputs and outputs.

Bringing the Blimp to Life

We need a physical blimp to work with, so we are compiling a list of the parts and creating a flowchart to understand the preliminary design.

Bill of Materials: [Srinivasan, Chen, Li, Zheng, Agrawal]

As seen above, the list enumerates the necessary materials with their prices, weights, and any other important information.

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