For SURP 21’s week 3, I created two vehicle designs using rocolib -- a tank and a simple 4-wheeled car. The builders for these can be seen on the GitLab repository below:

The builder for the tank is named while the builder for the 4-wheeled car is named Currently, modifications can be made with both the tank and car’s height, length, and width using the builder but not on other parts of the tank such as the side flaps or designs and the tank’s top.



During this week, I have also set-up and gathered the starting hardwares that I am going to use for implementing the tank-drive system of the tank, and I will begin working on them on SURP 21’s Week 4 and, hopefully, will finish it by then.

Furthermore, I have also set-up the OpenMV camera which will be used for Arnhold’s visual processing projects in the following weeks.

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