Lab quickstart

The following is a non-comprehensive summary of research within LEMUR.

Why do research

Doing research is a privilege. You get the opportunity to work on challenging unsolved problems, and through your efforts you will learn new skills and differentiate yourself in the job marketplace. I will support you in your efforts with resources, guidance, and career advancement.


As a member of my group, I expect the following:

Specific requirements

Letters of recommendation

Letters of recommendation are an extremely important part of a your future career success. It is important that you share with me your career goals (industry/academia/entrepreneurship, etc) in our early meetings so that I can help you meet these goals. Part of the reason that you should want to work with me is to gain access to my network of professional connections; for this reason an enthusiastic letter is critical.

When asked to write a letter of recommendation, I may discuss any or all of the following: