15 Aug

Weekly update 08/15

Wenzhong Yan [[ Internal only ]]

In the past week, I designed and prototyped the first version of Mechanical Logic. The mechanical logic was made out of a piece of paper/plastic paper. It is technologically composed of two controllable switches, two actuators and the frame. The on/off status of switch can be controled by the actuator. One of the switch will be opened by the SCP actuator after a certain period of time of heating. The other switch then will be closed at the same time and the SCP actuator connected with this switch starts to contract. Finally, the second switch will be opened again and the first switch is closed. Thus, the alternation of on/off status of two switches functions as switching and clocking. By the way, here is one additional SCP actuator connected within each loop to provide actuation for paper robot. It is shown as following picture. On the other hand, I continued to finalize the annealing process for SCP actuator. We already know the voltages across the SCP actuator is 0.6V/cm. And the on/off ratio is 30s/30s. The only parameter we need to know is the number of heating/cooling cycles to totally anneal the actuator. Theoretically, we can bulid a thermo-mechanical model to find the answer. But it need lots of work. Fortunately, I found that the current throung the actuator is a great indicator. That is to say, the anealing process is done when the balanced current maintain stable within a narrow range as the cycle continues. So I will conduct more experiment to find the right cycle number this week.

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