Big Picture

The overall problem is that normally, people can’t (are difficult to) intuitively see whether the item they are going to own (purchase, design, or manufacture) fits the aimed space before they actually, physically have the item at hand. It might be easier for items with regular shapes (like cubical or spherical) to be estimated, but that doesn’t happen often, and people still need to manually measure the space and the item, and have some spatial imagination to know if things fit the space.

People would care about the problem when they are purchasing new items for a limited space, especially when these items are inconvenient to transport, move or return, such as large pieces of furniture. It would be even more disturbing when these items are transformable, because they need to know whether the space would be enough in all the transforms of the item.

Generally, people would manually measure the space beforehand (usually treat the space and the item both as cubes), go to the furniture store, and purchase the item whose size in all three dimensions (as a cube) is smaller than the space. This approach could make sure the item won’t squeeze the space too much, but also, it’s hard to make the most of the space. There would almost always be extra

The goal is to see the real world while design 3D fabricable furniture using interactive and easy-to-learn gestures.

Specific Project Scope


Related Work


Goals, Deliverables, Tasks

  1. Prototype
  2. User study review
  3. Paper
  1. Well-commented codes from Github
  2. Well-polished paper
Tasks and Tentative Deadlines
  • Week 1: finish reading related works → project proposal
  • Week 2: gesture devices set-up → demo video
  • Week 3: gesture devices programming → demo video; code
  • Week 4: AR devices set-up → demo video
  • Week 5: AR & VR communication → demo video
  • Week 6: furniture design → demo video; fabrication
  • Week 7: debug, user-study design → design introduction
  • Week 8: user-study → reflection, result analysis
  • Week 9: wrap up the paper → paper draft, formal demo video
  • Week 10: paper & video polishing → paper & video

Proposal - Fall 2019.pdf (unfinished draft)

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