This internal blog post is a quick blog about how I approached my project proposal for my project. This week, I tried to focus on creating a robust project proposal for my TFOSR project. I thought about how I can write a robust project proposal and I list some of my thoughts. The first idea I had was that I need to have a robust literature review compilation. Documenting a literature review seemed like a good idea so I took Prof.Mehta's advice of summarizing potentially useful and relevant conference/journals papers into an Overleaf project. The reason why I used Overleaf is so that other group members could have access to the template and add their summaries of papers as needed. The second insight I had was to create a specific target deadline for the project in terms of submitting a conference paper. I decided to find a target conference which would be relevant to my field of interest. (e.g. Transportation/Robotics/Vision) In the end, the 2020 ICRA conference seemed like a good target. The deadline for the first submission was September 15, 2019, so I decided it would be a reasonable target considering my school coursework and my research goals. I also decided to target this deadline by taking Prof.Mehta's advice and creating a detailed deliverables progress outline. The idea was to include a deliverables breakdown on a quarter by quarter, month by month, week by week basis. The breakdown of the deliverables were structured to meet the potential ICRA paper submission deadline. I realized that it was extremely important to detail the deliverables and clarify what needs to be done as much as possible, so that the undergraduate students who work with me on this project have a better understanding of what needs to be done to accomplish a specific target goal. The deliverables are marked as "in progress" or "finished" with the appropriate team member name so that everyone knows what everyone is working on and keeps each other accountable for the progress. Next week, I will try to write up a blog post on the Prelab so stay tuned LEMUR!

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