22 Feb

MEMS Actuator Road Map

Nathan Pilbrough [[ Internal only ]]

The purpose of this investigation is to find or develop a way in which micro scale actuators can be used in order generate macro scale movement. In an effort to make this goal a reality there are four avenues of investigation which require attention:

  1. Designing the linkage and MEMS system to actuate a folded material: This includes developing a mechanism which can be physically realised as a MEMS actuator that has the capability to enable revolute motion about a material fold.
  2. Characterization of materials folds from force experiments: The properties of folded materials, in particular paper, are for the most part unknown and so in order to be able to determine the forces the MEMS actuators are required to generate it is necessary to conduct experiments in order to determine paper fold properties
  3. Characterization of silicon on paper frictional forces: Since the silicon MEMS actuator will be in contact with the paper it is necessary to determine the frictional forces that are generated at the interface of the two materials
  4. Review of the current literature on paper characteristics: Whilst it is assumed that there have not been many experiements like this conducted in the literature this may in fact be incorrect and so it is necessary to conduct an in depth investigation into what has been done in the past in this area

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