09 Nov


Eun Sang "Jesse" Cha [[ Internal only ]]

Thanks to Prof.Mehta's generous funding, I was able to attend and present my work, "OP-CAS: Collision Avoidance with Overtaking Maneuvers" at the annual 2018 IEEE Intelligent Transport Systems Conference held in Maui, Hawaii.

Overall, the conference was a great opportunity for me to connect with various people within the transport industry and share ideas. As the first time attending and presenting a conference, it was exciting to see various people from all over the world present their work on intelligent transport systems. Most of the talks throughout the workshop sessions and paper presentation sessions were informative and insightful, giving me a chance to really see the trends in how developments in intelligent transport systems is evolving.

The keynote speaker, Jeff Schneider from UBER summed up the conference in a nutshell. His provocative statement from his keynote talk "Self Driving Cars and AI" was as follows:

"Embrace the fact that we will have AI-based safety critical systems. The complexity of our systems has already outgrown our ability to guarantee their safety in classical ways."

"Develop AI-centered rather than AI-sprinkled systems (RL, Imitation Learning, Baysian optimization of black box systems that are expensive to test)"

I am sure many people, especially those who stick to classical control methods of developing autonomous vehicle systems had their share of opinions on this statement, and it was interesting to see the ripple with AI appearing to change the level field of this industry.

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