Anatomy of a project proposal

The project proposal is a critical document laying out the specification for a research project. It is the first deliverable in any research program, and will often be dynamically updated over the course of the project. It is likely to become a part of a future writeup / academic paper.

Big picture

Create and include one or two graphics that capture and communicate the problem and proposed solution to technical but non-expert audiences.

Can you create a one or two sentence summary of the problem and the proposed solution approach?

Specific project scope

Background / related work / references

Be sure to cite all potential sources, and summarize each one in terms of its content and relation to your project.

Goals, deliverables, tasks

Recursively break down the proposed project starting from the highest level specifications spanning a complete 1-2 term period down to individual atomic steps spanning days to at most a week. At each level of hierarchy, specify:

Distill the entire hierarchy into a list of weekly milestones. What will you need to achieve by when in order to attain your goal for the end of the project on time?